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Our exclusive patent makes the kerry kart one of a kind!

The Kerry Kart will change from position to position WITHOUT needing tools,  giving you the perfect solution for any moving situation.  From warehouse to farm house to YOUR house - it's the most versatile product you will ever purchase!

We even have 4 colors to choose from

MONEY-BACK Guarantee

We know you will love the Kerry Kart so much that we are offering a 30 day money back guarantee!

Here's the full 10 minute show featuring the kerry kart

Terri Toner joins Tom Wise to tell you more about the Kerry Kart and all it's uses. This really is a one of a kind product. 

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you!


Our Kerry Kart ships out within 24 hrs!

                   Get it done with the Kerry Kart 4 in 1!

                             One Cart  - Four solutions


1. Best In Class Trolley - up to 600 pounds!

2. Best in Class Dolly - up to 800 pounds!

3. Best in Class Hand Truck -Unique resting angle!

4. Best in Class Step Ladder-ANSI Certified safe!

See what people say about the Kerry Kart!

Joshua Stutzman - Facilities Manager St John the Evangelist Parish & School


I bought the Kerry Karts for use at our church. We were looking to have something serve multiple purposes and take up minimal space. I wish these would have been around a long time ago.  It is really easy to switch from one use to another and wasn’t too difficult to assemble either. Great customer service as well.

Straighttalker, CA


BEST item I have purchased....hands down!!! 

I have been looking for this thing since I heard about it But it's been out of stock everywhere I looked. I knew it will make life easy for me, ( and my wife on those days when I am out and she needs to carry stuff around or reach for the shelf). Kerry Kart delivered it to me, fully ASSEMBLED! I just added the wheels and stabilizer. The thing is solid, strong and promises years of use. The wheels are super strong. My neighbors love it. I and wife are happy. Thanks folks.

bigd2964, SC


This 4-in-1 is a game changer.This is a must have for all you household,storage & moving needs. I truly wish I has one years ago!!!!. 

Lakeside4, OH

 Amazing Little Machine!

This cart is very good quality really heavy made and does everything that they advertised it would do. It has very heavy wheels on it that bolt on if you ever need to change. I would recommend this to anyone that has a retail Store or a friend. 

Bigfan67, CA

  Solid heavy duty cart

We were surprised how solid and heavy duty this cart is. Just looking at the hardware that came with it tells us this will hold up for a long time and can handle most heavy lifting and moving. We already used it to move a bunch of stuff into storage. The ladder came in handy for reaching and stacking our boxes plus the trolley was very useful for carting our boxes to our unit from our car. Im sure this will be one of the most useful items weve purchased .

MaxedoutMiles23, MI

 Used for more than just a step chair. Surprisingly a great buy. I love it!

pick your color- we'll ship for free in 24hrs!

Use the Kerry Kart to move anything to anywhere!

This cart is extremely versatile and has soooooo many uses.

  • Apartment moves
  • House moves 
  • Warehouse
  • Musicians
  • Salespeople
  • Tradeshow
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Couches
  • File cabinets
  • Plus 187 other things.... we counted!   lol  :)

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Kerry Kart 4 in 1!

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